Agents of Mayhem

Way back in 2006 Volition released an open world action game called Saints Row. Right away gamers and journalists alike tagged it as a GTA clone. In reality it was quite different. Yes could car jack anyone, beat up anyone and cause all kinds of mayhem. The difference was the tone and feel of the game itself. It was almost a parody on the Grand theft auto series. The fact that it never took itself seriously, is a huge part of its charm. It was just fun, it really wasn’t making a statement. Well it was making one statement, have fun, do what you want and don’t take me to seriously.

Volition continued making games in the saints row series. It wasn’t until Saints Row IV that they really pushed the idea of super powered “Heroes”. The game was incredibly fun, with some critics even calling it one of the best superhero games ever.

Perhaps because they got such good feed back on the super powered direction they where taking the series, on August 15 2017 they decided to release a standalone game where the focus was on super powered Agents. More so then any of the other games in the series, or even any other sandbox, GTA style game, Agents of Mayhem was a Saturday Morning cartoon/super hero movie themed game.

Graphics 8/10

Much like the other games in the series, there is a very cartoony look to the world and characters that lends itself well to the over the top nature of the game. The world feels huge and full of life. For those looking for super detailed realistic character models, well you will be disappointed. However if you just want to run around in a colorful world blowing stuff up, with some great effects, I believe you will have a blast. Nothing in the game will blow you away graphically, but it is all has a very clean and cartoony look to it. For that I give it an 8.

Audio 8/10

Good voice acting and funny dialogue keep you laughing through out. If you are looking for Oscar worthy acting you wont find it here, but that’s not AOM’s identity. Its supposed to be fun and over the top and the actors do a great job of adding to that feeling. The explosions sound great and help the overall feeling of destruction. The music is fun if not at times repetitive.

Gameplay – 8/10

The gameplay consists of running around, blowing stuff up and leveling up until you are ridiculously overpowered. You control 3 heroes at a time switching between them on the fly. There is a total of 12 heroes altogether(including the ones you have to unlock). Each hero also has their own skill tree. There is actually a decent amount of depth to leveling up your characters. I am intentionally vague about the powers you get, because a lot of the fun is finding out what you can do when you grow in strength. The title really does sum it up quite well. You cause a lot of Mayhem and its a lot of fun.

Family Friendliness 2/10

A lot of language, not really meant for the kiddos.

Over all score 8/10

I have seen a lot of mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed my time with Agents of Mayhem. At the end of the day, that’s what matters. If you want a game where you can run around and cause all kinds of mayhem and you like laughing, this game is for you.

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