Humans are Extinct! – Post Human War Review

As a media/game reviewer I get a lot of publishers and developers sending me their game’s. It’s a win-win as I get to try out new and interesting games before they come out and the developers get support for  a game they have been busy crafting for many, many hours. So when I tell you I haven’t played anything like Post Human War it means something. To find out if it’s a good something, read on.

Post Human War(PHW here on out) is a Real Time Strategy game(RTS) by indie developer studio chahut. If you are a fan of the genre there will be much that is familiar here. Your team is comprised of units that move on a hexagonal grid. You can move farther out, but not be able to attack. If you decide to not move out as far, you have a chance to attack. It is all dependent on your units range. There are three different campaigns and three different factions(more on that a little later). So far pretty standard RTS stuff. There are three things that set this game apart from its RTS brothers. The characters, champions and sense of humor.

Great sense of humor

I found myself smiling and laughing a lot through out the game. Not in a So bad its Duke Nukem Forever kind of way either. The game is genuinely funny. Humor has always been very hit and miss for me. I can’t stand it when games try too hard to be funny. I love it however when they just are. I am a goofy guy myself who love’s a good laugh. So if you can make me laugh its a seriously good start. PHW does exactly that. A lot of the humor comes from the characters themselves. You have a Koala on a slingshot, a buffed armadillo, a fridge, and many other absurd monkey/Robot/animal characters. Don’t want to go through them all, half the fun is discovering new characters to use.

I am the Champion!

One of the biggest difference’s is the Champion character and his roll in the game. As you pick your team you are prompted to pick a champion. This champion is the most important character on your team. If he dies game over. You can pick from any available characters on your roster. I always went with a high HP character and tried to not use him in combat. All sides have a champion, the kicker is you don’t know who he is. At least until you find him or he reveals himself, Why would he(you) reveal himself to be the champion. His states get a major boost. So you have a choice you can hide behind your units and hope you don’t get found, or reveal yourself and be better at defending/attacking the other factions.

Speaking of the other Factions, as mentioned before there are three. the R-Patch(robots), Wraak (wild animals) and Anthropists (apes in track suits). I played all three, they play differently and have equally amusing stories.


Although pretty simplistic, I really like the character designs. The effects where pretty good as well. Nothing mind boggling, but not eyesores either. Overall a pleasant looking game.

Campaign and Multiplayer

You can play by yo’self or with others. Spent most of my time with the Campaign, mostly because its not out yet. I will be diving more into the multiplayer later, but what I played was really fun. There is a lot of characters in each faction to mess around with and a whole lot of depth.

I really enjoyed my time with Post Human War and have no issues recommending it. Its a great time and I see myself going back to it frequently. Would love to see a Switch version(cough..cough).

Family friendliness

Blood, violence and occasional language.

Overall Score – 9/10

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