Wuppo reviewing a fantastical adventure

If someone were to ask me to sum up how I felt about Wuppo in one word, it would be “happy”. Let me explain, before you think I may have lost my mind. There are certain games I have played that, when I was playing I just felt happy. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. When I played Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, I loved the world and characters so much I couldn’t stop smiling. When I stepped into the big boots of Master Chief to lay waste to some alien baddies I had a goofy grin on my face the whole time. The same when I played DMC, banjo kazoiee, any Mario or Zelda game, I am sure there are a few more that I could list if I thought about it. There are certain games that are so well crafted, have such fantastic characters that long after you complete them you are still thinking about and dreaming about the next time you get to visit them. For me the difference between a great game and a game that stays with you through out the years, really comes down to the protagonist and the surrounding NPC’s(Non player Characters). When I was playing Wuppo I couldn’t stop smiling. I expected the game to be pretty good, but I didn’t expect to like the main protagonist so much. I am going to put it out there, I need Wuppo merchandise, a T-shirt, mug, Stuffie I don’t care. So I like Wuppo the main character, how was the game you ask? Read on my friend.

Graphics – 9/10

This is a beautiful looking game. It looks like a 2d drawing come to life, the graphics aren’t fancy mind you, but great looking in their simplicity. Wuppo himself looks like a fluffy cotton ball with a mouth and eyes. The other characters are just as simple. Even though the designs seem simple, there is a certain charm to the graphics that I cannot Deny. The characters are animated very well. The Bosses looked great, I knew from the first boss I was in for a visual treat.  The only reason I did not give it a 10 is, well there seemed to be a lot of brown. Some areas looked very similar, which actually makes sense within the game, but it’s still a lot of the same color pallet. This in no way dampened my enjoyment of this game, but still should be noted. What I loved about the graphical style is it shows what a labor of love this game must have been. This is  a case where simplicity works best, if they had thrown a bunch of textures at the world it just wouldn’t have the same charm.

wuppo_ss4k_09Story – 9/10

Much like the graphics simple but charming is the order of the day for the story in Wuppo. You start off in Wuppo’s room(hotel), you get hungry and go for some ice cream. I may have failed to mention that Wuppo has no hands, so he carries the ice cream on his head, and makes a mess. The manager of the hotel gets mad and kicks Wuppo out. He tries to get back into his room, but the door is locked so he has to find an alternate route to get to the hotel, thus starts our adventure. Its an original premis but obviously not very deep. What really carries this game is the interaction’s between the various characters Wuppo meets. This is a very funny game. The best way to describe the humour is its very Nintendoesque(this is now a word). I found myself laughing out loud a lot through out Wuppos adventures.

Audio – 9/10

All the dialogue is in text bubbles, you see the mouths move, but its more gibberish then anything. This is not a bad thing as many of my favorite games back in the day where very much the same, especially Banjo Kazoiee. I won’t dock the game for the lack of spoken words, the text bubbles work quite well in this game. I like the music quiet a bit, It was very light hearted and fun, much like the game itself.

Gameplay – 10/10

Wuppo could be hard, but it wasn’t because of any flaws, just some tricky platforming sections. I never died because the game was unfair, if I died it was my own fault. I usually quickly figured out what I did wrong. This is  a platforming game, so there will be some tricky jumps. I never once got gamer rage, because I always knew I was close to figuring out what to do next. The platforming felt tight and accurate. There was another part of the game they I really enjoyed, and that was finding new items to use in the game. I don’t want to touch on this too much, because a lot of the fun is had in discovering these items for yourself. I will talk about the first item you get though, its a gun you put on your head that fires paint. Its a lot of fun to use and helps some of the parts feel like a run and gun platformer. The boss battles were also a lot of fun. The first Boss you fight is a Giant fish, that you need to avoid and shoot with your “paint gun”. As you get more items the Boss battles become more complex, never unfair, just challenging.

Family  Friendly Rating – 10/10

Nothing bad here at all. This is just a fun platformer with loveable characters and a light haearted and fun story. Fully recommended for anyone in the family.


Wuppo is a must play for platforming fans. I had a great time in Wuppo’s world and hope for a sequal. The release date is September 2016, I can easily recommend downloading this game as soon as you can.

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