Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 10-11

Episode 10 – Collection and Extraction

I mentioned in an earlier review, Just as a reminder I cannot promise no spoilers. As much as I would like to do a no spoilers review at this point it is too difficult to review with out some spoilers. So if you haven’t seen these last two episodes and don’t want anything spoiled, watch them first and come back. Would love to hear what you think of the episodes and the series as a whole.

So in this episode the Voltron gang decides to sneak into a Galran ship, so they can see what their plans of attack are. Their is a hilarious scene with Hunk and a knocked out soldier. Allura then reveals that she can change colors to look like a Galran soldier. So they set off to sneak onto a Galran ship. Not all goes as planned of course, how boring would it be if it did?  There is a new unnamed Villain who is quite powerful. There is a lot of Humor in this episode and it is very character driven. We do not see Voltron at all in episode 10. He is actually not in a whole lot of the episodes in the series. This is much more character driven. Thankfully this actually works, because the characters are so likeable. There is a lot of great fight scenes and it moves at a brisk pace even with out Voltron.

Final Score 9/10

Family Friendly score 10/10

Episode 11 – The Black Paladin

When this episode starts Allura has been captured by the Galran forces, the Paladins decide to go rescue her, which earlier was mentioned as the worst thing they could do. The witch Hagar leads Allura to Zarkon. Zarkon sets a trap for the Paladins, and even though the Paladins know its a trap, they feel they have no choice but to keep going.  The paladins form Voltron and take out a bunch of the Galran fleet. I don’t remember if I mentioned before how awesome Voltron looks. Its CG but very well integrated with the non CG animation. He just looks intimidating. Somehow Zarkon causes the lions to separate and they no longer can form Voltron. Zarkon then manages to capture the black lion and paladin(Shiro). Keith winds up fighting Zarkon with his Red lion. Keith isn’t quite skilled enough to fight Zarkon even with the lion. Haggar winds up fighting Shiro and we see how tough she is. We already knew Shiro could handle himself. There is a really cool twist revealed in this episode which I don’t want to give a way. I have heard a few complaints about how they end with a cliff hanger, but I think it works. There is so much more to the finale, but I want to leave some surprises.

Season 1 – Recap

What a fantastic Reboot, there were so many twists and turns. I am sad the season ended so quickly. I really felt invested in these characters. The writing is top notch. This series was done by the same people who brought us Avatar : The last Air bender and Avatar Legend of Korra, both of which I loved. I cannot recommend this series enough. I was expecting to have fun with it, I thought it would be super cheesy and kind of lame. Boy was I wrong, everything from the animation, characters and well written story really surprised me, I cannot wait until season 2. The only negative thing I can say is that I wanted more Robeasts and more Voltron. The first series back in the 80’s had a whole lot of Robeasts and Voltron fought in almost every episode. This is still the better series, the characters were so much more likeable and dare I say relatable. Hunk was hilarious and Shiro was noble and not too be messed with. Princess Allura held her own quit well. Keith was the hot tempered one, but still likeable. Pidge was really smart and had one of the coolest twist I have seen in a series like this. Lance was goofy, probably my least favorite character. I really liked how we saw growth in the maturity of these characters. As the series progressed, new things were revealed about a handful of them, and I am expecting more twists in season 2. The humor in the show never felt forced, especially when it came to Hunk. The dialogue was so witty, I found myself laughing out loud numerous times. Often when a series is rebooted, they tend to take a darker tone. With this series they thankfully kept the fun and yet still upped the ante when it came to character depth. I cannot in all good conscious say it was anything but brilliant. Incase it’s not obvious. I loved this series. If you didn’t like the original or if you loved the original, you need to give this series a shot,

Final series score – 10/10

Not every episode got a perfect score, but they did such a great job over all I feel it deserves a 10. They could have easily thrown together a cheese filled shallow script and I still would have watched the series, based on nostalgia alone. Thankfully they took the highroad and crafted something  with obvious care and love for the source material, and improving upon it. Even Voltron looks cooler in this reboot. Trust me on this, just watch one episode and I bet, you will wind up finishing the series.

Season 1 family friendly score – 10/10

This really is a series you can sit down and watch with the whole family.

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