Homefront Revolution

Back in 2011, I played and fell in love with this underrated shooter that went by the name of Homefront. From the opening moments to the closing credits, I was hooked on the story. The beginning of the game didn’t have a lot of story explanation, but it didn’t need to. The surroundings told the story. As you looked around, you saw events that made you feel and broke your heart. The atmosphere was so well done that the game did not need to tell you anything. You saw it happen before your eyes. The animation was incredible. You felt for the innocent people who where caught up in this horrible war. Needless to say, I was hooked. I could not wait for the sequel to come out. Then, I found out it was going to be on th PS4 and XB1 and I thought, “What a great opportunity to build on an overlooked gem”. Well…disappointed doesn’t cover it.

Graphics 8/10

This is where the game really shines. The environments are beautiful; sometimes stunning. The shadows respond appropriately when you pass fire or other light sources. The character models are generally good. There are a few off-putting faces in the crowd. The guns look great. The game, as a whole, has a really nice shine to it. It’s an all around nice looking package.

Story 6/10

It has one…a story, that is.  It isn’t terrible, I just stopped caring after a while. I wanted the game to be done. The characters were either cliched or boring. When I played the original, I cared about the people I was saving. I felt bad when I failed. I actually almost fell asleep during the opening of this game. Why did it take me 20 minutes just to get a pistol? Unlike the original, they tried to create drama by talking you to death. I imagined getting a pistol and shooting the person talking. Just stop.

I have played a lot of great games with great story.  When it comes to shooters, there was Half Life(still waiting for 3 valve), Halo, Homefront and many others. Not all had deep stories, but they told them well. You don’t need to explain to me that I am in a bad place. I can look around and see it if it’s done right. It’s about atmosphere. Just tell me a brief why and let me go. Seriously. If the narrative is done right, it could work. See Metro 2033, for example. It had a fantastic atmosphere, but not always fast moving. Here, however, I had a hard time staying awake and aware.

Gameplay 6/10

Like much of the rest of the game, the controls are functional. If you’ve played an FPS before, you’ve pretty much got it. The biggest thing that got on my nerves was that changing weapons felt a bit clunky. That isn’t the only issue though. So, this is 2016. For the most part, games have really good checkpoints. This game does not. I’d get through a more difficult part, die and restart back too far in the game. Maybe its because of the other issue I have with this game, but it was boring.  Even when I was shooting I was bored. Perhaps I have just played too many shooters in my lifetime, but I just didn’t have all. This review might be tainted by the fact that I had such high hopes for it, but if the game was at least fun, I could have forgiven it of it’s other issues. It’s really a shame.

Multiplayer 6/10

It has multiplayer. There you go. It has what it calls Resistance Mode.  You play story missions with buddies. If you are a multiplayer kind of gamer, this isn’t for you. Like most of the game it’s functional, but there is much better out there.

Family Friendly Rating – 5/10

A lot of language and violence. When playing this game, I  was tempted to use lots of language myself. Like any game with multiplayer, the family-friendliness of the game depends on the group playing it.

Overall – 6/10

There are a lot of better shooters out there. Especially for a full-priced game. If you haven’t played it yet, try to track down a copy of the original Homefront. Much better. If you want to know of some great shooters, bring it up in the comments or PM me. Wait until this becomes $10 or find a used copy so you can return it. Just don’t drop $65 on this game.

Reviewed by Mediaman


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