Jotun Review

When I first saw screenshots of Jotun I knew I had to play it. The art style looked incredible and the gameplay from the trailers looked like a lot of fun. I had a lot of expectations for this game being something special. Sometimes when I actually play, my expectations are let down. Thankfully with Jotun my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. This is a game I will return to over and over again. I  had the opportunity to meet William Dube’ of Thunder Lotus games and try out their next game Sundered, I can say from my play time, it is going to be another fantastic game. I won’t spend time talking about it in this review, but lets just say I love where Thunder Lotus games is going with their games. So what makes Jotun such a great game? Read on my friends and then go download it and check it out for yourself.

Graphics – 10/10

This is a beautiful game. When I first looked over the horizon I audibly gasped. I could not believe how gorgeous this game was. The animation is just incredible. When Our hero Thora moves you can see her hair and clothes flow. Everything looks like a painting. The gods are all different and very original looking. Embarrassingly I actually died because I was staring at the art work. Check out the video in this review of the first boss fight and you will see what I mean. I am very passionate about the art and aesthetic in games and this game just impressed every time I turned around.

Story – 9/10

The story is simple yet well told. You are Thora and are trying to enter Valhalla, in order to do so you must defeat the gods in combat. So no big deal, really. Except the gods are no push overs. I really enjoyed the story. It was the way it was told, you rooted for Thora and cared about what happened to her. I have been playing games for a really long time, so its hard to surprise me as far as plot. What they did is tell a simple story very, very well. I would rather have that then an Over convoluted  story that leaves you scratching your head(I’m looking at you Metal gear series).

Audio – 9/10

There wasn’t a whole lot of dialogue, but the narrator was great. The weapon’s sound was really well done. When Thora hit someone or something with her axe there was an audible woosh. The music was fantastic and I would love to get a hold of the soundtrack.

Gameplay 10/10

This is not an easy game. You go through a series of puzzles to get to the boss and then you fight the boss. There is not a whole lot in between. I don’t say this as a bad thing, it felt very focused.  I have played other games that just through enemy after enemy at you and after a while I actually got bored of fighting the same old enemies. I never had this issue with Jotun. Each boss fight felt different and exciting. even when I died, which I did a few times, it didn’t bother me.  I just learned from what I did wrong and got better. There was a real sense of accomplishment when you beat a boss. The game never felt cheap, If I died it was from lack of focus not a unfair hit. Ach time you beat a boss you learned a new skill, I wont list them here, simply because to me that’s part of the fun. I will just say it really kept it fresh and drove me to keep going. The controls felt really good and there was not a moment where I felt like I had to worry about something not working the way it should.

jeraFamily Friendly Rating – 7/10

There was not a whole lot to worry about here. Some of the bosses where grotesque and you cut limbs off sometimes. The blood was green or yellow. If you have a little one that gets scared easy you might want them to stay away. Also some of the female boss fights they were a bit scantily clad, but nothing to bad. If you are not sure check out some videos on youtube, I always recommend this anyway.


This is a brilliant game. I loved every minute of it and cant wait to see what Thunder Lotus brings us in the future. Jotun is why I love Indie games so much. I will be covering their next game and I have no doubt it will be brilliant as well. I am so thrilled companies like Thunder Lotus games are around. They really seem to get what the medium is all about. Thank you Thunder Lotus for sending me this Gem.

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