More then I Expected Hyper X Stinger Review

I have been a big fan of the Hyper X name brand for a long time. They started in 2002 with high performance memory and since then have expanded to headsets, keyboards, SSD and many other PC components. They have always put out quality products. So when I was gifted by Hyper X with their new $50 headset, I had mixed feelings, honestly. As an audio fan, and a very picky one at that, I wasn’t sure how these headsets would sound. Don’t get me wrong, I was super grateful for the headsets, so the worst case scenario was I had a headset I could listen to my music with. I love music almost as much as I like gaming, so it’s really a win-win no matter how you look at it. What I wound up getting from this headset was far more then I expected.

Build Quality

First thing I noticed when I pulled the headset out of the package was how solid they felt. They are mostly plastic, but a solid plastic. I bent the set and twisted and put pressure on the headband. I was a bit rough on purpose. It held up quite well. Now I didn’t try to break them, but I did put them through the paces. The headband is really comfortable with a cushion under the headband and around the speakers. There is a metal band that runs through the headband and the mic also feels very solid. It has been my experience when I try to pick up a cheaper headset, it feels like a cheaper headset, not so with this one. The Hyper X Stinger’s build quality is a lot better then I have come to expect from a budget headset.

Sound Quality

I am just going to say it outright: this is one good sounding headset. I listened to all kinds of music on this headset. First I checked out some bass intensive music, the bass was clean and solid although I wouldn’t say booming. What did impress me was even when I cranked up the music, it remained clean. Some headsets, especially cheaper brands, if you crank them up you start getting crackling, or it starts to sound a bit muddy. I then tried out my personal favorite kind of music, hard rock/metal. I could clearly hear all the instruments and vocals, whether the vocalist was growling or singing clean it sounded fantastic. I also listened to show tunes, pop, and epic movie soundtracks; they all sounded great. Will this rival a $300 headset? Of course not. However for the asking price, I was super impressed with the quality of the sound on the Stingers.

Knowing that a lot of my readers are going to be gamers, I also used the Stingers exclusively this last week for my gaming sessions. Again, they sound great. I do have a 7.1 surround sound headset and yes, you can hear the difference. These are stereo headsets, not surround sound super expensive headsets. I tried these with Halo 5 and the gunshots sounded great, as did the voices and the soundtrack. I also checked out Gears of War, Banjo Kazoiee and Until Dawn. There was never a point when I was using these that I thought to myself, “Man, I sure miss my surround sound headset”. This says a lot for the quality of the stereo speakers. Much like the build quality, I just never felt like I was using a budget headset.

The Mic

Being a YouTuber and putting out Let’s Plays, the most important aspect of a headset to me is really the mic quality. I shopped around for a long time before I found a headset that had a quality built-in mic to record my voice. Even though I have fancier equipment, I will still do Let’s Plays through the PS4 with a headset mic.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from these, especially after they already gave me so much for the asking price. Once again I was surprised and impressed by what Hyper X was able to do through their little headset. The quality was great. Unlike the sound quality, I can actually show you the quality of the sound that comes through the mic. Check out the video below to hear what the mic sounds like. If you don’t have time to listen to the whole Let’s Play, just check out the first few minutes and you will hear how clear my voice came through.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a quality headset but you are on a tight budget, the Stinger headset is probably your best choice. I have talked to a lot of people who wanted to start doing Let’s Plays, but didn’t have the budget to do so, at least, so they thought. If you have a PS4 and a Stinger headset you are ready to go. (I know this works on XB1 and PC as well, but I primarily stream from my PS4). I love this headset and will be switching between this headset and my more pricey one to record.

I also forgot to mention that if you want to stop using the mic, you just move it up and the mic will be disabled. I believe this is standard on all their current headsets, but it’s still a really cool feature. I have no problem recommending this headset to anyone looking for a quality headset.

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