How to watch the Overwatch Grand Finals

The Overwatch Open, hosted by ELeague, is the largest competitive Overwatch tournament to
date. With a prize pool of $300,000 on the line, Team Europe (represented by Misfits) vs Team
North America (represented by EnVyUs) will go head to head on Friday night, Sept 30th at
10:00PM EDT in Atlanta, GA.
Don’t worry though, you don’t have to buy a ticket and suffer through the humidity of Atlanta,
Georgia to see the epic Grand Finals. The Grand Finals can be seen in a number of ways for
The entire tournament so far has been broadcast on Twitch, by Blizzard and ELeague, in
partnership with FaceIt and Republic of Gamers. The Grand Finals, in a historic move for
Blizzard, will also be broadcast live on cable television on TBS, something few competitive
game tournaments have done. There have been a series of matches over the past week, as
many hopeful teams were eliminated trying to earn their spot to represent their continent. There
are now two teams left.
The Tournament has been cast in a highly professional, sports­like broadcast manner. With 3
commentators, 2 play­by­play casters, one interviewer and loads of replays, overlaid graphics,
etc. to help you follow along. Recognizing that not everyone may be familiar with the exact
mechanics of the the highly popular Blizzard game, the broadcast adds in a number of helpful
explanation videos explaining certain heroes, mechanics of the game, notes about certain maps
and gameplay types, and much more. For an extremely fast paced FPS (First­Person Shooter),
the manner in which they’ve been broadcasting this tournament has made it easy and very
entertaining to follow along, even to those with little knowledge of competitive gaming, or
Overwatch at all.
So, check out the links below, or catch it live on TBS, and tune in to a historic moment for not
just competitive gaming or Overwatch, but gaming in general, as Europe vs. North America
goes down.
TBS (Check your local cable provider for exact channel #)

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