Jeffrey Weissman Interview

As I mentioned in my article on Colossus Con, one of the big highlights for me was meeting Jeffrey Weissman. Jeffrey was not only friendly and warm, he was also gracious enough to grant me an interview. The following is transcribed word for word from that interview.

Jeffrey Weissman Interview

MediaMan: Thanks for taking some time to talk to us today, Mr. Weissman. How are you doing?

Jeffrey Weissman: Hello Mr. MediaMan (in his best announcer voice).  Yeah, I’m a little tired, we got in at 3:00 this morning.  We had a really quick turn around. I’m in previews in a show in San Francisco right now that just got written up in the New York Times because it’s an immersive environmental thing where you actually dress like you are in the 1920’s. It’s in a Speak Easy and it’s all “hush hush” and you don’t even know the location of the theater until the day of. It’s very secretive!  And I’m playing in a vaudeville team and I’m singing, dancing, doing drama and comedy – working my tail off.

MM: You’re doing it all.

JW: Yeah! Well, you know, years of practice.

MM: Very cool!

JW: So, for those of your readers who don’t know who you I am, I costarred as George McFly in the Back to the Future sequels, part II and part II, when Crispin Glover decided not to come back and work with the producers, and then in Pale Rider with Clint Eastwood.  I played Teddy Conway, one of the Spider’s Boys, you know, Spider finds a big rock of gold and gets shot up from head to toe.

MM: Great movie.

JW: And I was in Twilight Zone Movie.

MM: So what have you been up to since Back the Future II & III?

JW: I did a Back to the Future theme cruise and we raised about $8,000.00; but the 50 passengers that we got to go on the cruise, you know, we just had a blast!  I put a band together that had Mark McClure – he was Dave McFly – on drums and Don Fullilove, you know, Mayor Goldie Wilson, on bass and Harry Waters Jr singing – he was Chuck Barry’s cousin, Marvin Barry; and I played guitar.  So we could have used you for promoting that.

MM: Yeah.  Haha.

JW: But I’ve got a film out and a new show opening. It’s a very heavy drama streaming on Amazon right now called Savior of None.  It’s like a modern tragedy and I play the lead in that.  I don’t want to tell too much of that but my character befriends an adolescent in the foster care system who is being abused terribly and he become a bit of an avenging angel.

Mrs. MediaMan: Wow! Sounds intense.

JW: It is. Very intense. It’s pretty low budget. We shot here in Northern California, but it works.  We have Vernon George Wells, from the the Mad Max movies as one of my character’s dear friends in it and Petri Hawkins-Byrd from Judge Judy. It’s an interesting cast. And a wonderful actress named Sarah Leo; it’s her first film.

MM: We will definitely look it up. Sounds great!

JW: Please do!  Also, If you know anyone coming to San Francisco, it’s going to be the next big hit.  It’s a monster of a show.

MM: It sounds like it!  That’s great.  Well, thanks so much for your time today. We’ll be sure to let you know when we post the interview.

JW: Oh, sure. And you can follow me on twitter at @jefweissman. So tweet me, and I’ll send you some tweets, and we will have all our tweeters together.

MM: Let’s TWEET! Haha.

JW: I’ll tweet to your tweet:

MM: That’s right.  My people will tw… Well, no. I don’t have people.

JW: That’s right.  His wife is right here.

Mrs. MediaMan: Yes. I’ll make sure it’s all clean and keep everyone in line.

MM: Thanks again, Jeff.  We appreciate it.

JW: No problem.

Savior of none

Kathy is 16 years old. She has been in foster care since she was 5 years old, along with her friend. Kathy’s horrors started when Kathy was 8 years old. Her foster dad started molesting her. Over the next 8 years the molestations followed her from foster home to foster home, her present home is no exceptions. When Kathy and Buddy were put into the foster care system they started dreaming of escaping. Escaping to an island, on a sailboat, an island with sandy beaches.

The one shining star in Kathy’s life is Charlton, her social worker. The only man to ever see her and Buddy as a children. He truly feels for them both.

Kathy, after an awful run in with the local thug, Whip, she meets and old man named Benny. Benny has dreams as well. He and his wife, of over 20 years, have planned to sail the world on their sailboat. Months before that were to happen, Benny and his wife were involved in an accident, an accident that left him with a plate in his head and brain damage. He’s wife, though sick herself, stayed by him and cared for him. His dreams were lost when his wife of 24 years is diagnosed with cancer and shortly there after dies. Since his wife’s death, 11 months earlier, Benny has been struggling to take care of himself. His world is small and his dreams are all but gone.

Kathy and Benny become good friends and learn of each others dreams and decide to sail the world together. But society and other elements will stand in their way.

Most people go to sleep and have nightmares, some wake up to them. Many wake looking for a savior.

“Savior of none” is an emotionally charged story. It is as dark as it’s subject-matter. This is a roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless, and full of self guilt, and questions of the thoughts you will carry. Thoughts that should be in our heads from day to day, but we try not to depress ourselves with them, so we hide from them and close out realities. Realities that happen to millions of kids around the world. These children are looking for saviors, but what they find is a “Savior of none”

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