Colossus Con – A big little convention

20160917_111450I just returned from Colossus Con and wanted to share with you, the Mediaman fans, my experience. About a month ago, I was invited to cover Campbell Con. When I responded to the invite with a “Yes, would love to cover it”, I then got an invite to Colossus Con as well. For those who are not aware, both Campbell Con and Colossus Con are local, more intimate versions of Comic Con. Campbell Con is located in Campbell and Colossus Con is in Merced. Both are in California. Campbell Con is in October, so I will do a separate write up for that convention.

I really wanted to support local artists and writers, and as an added bonus, meet Gil Gerard. For the first convention of it’s kind in Merced, I thought they did a really good job. It was really great to see the local artists as well as some of the more well-known guests. Almost everyone I met was very friendly. All the artists where there promoting and selling their works of art. There were a whole lot of talented artists. In fact, I don’t remember looking at anyone’s display and thinking that it wasn’t impressive. I apologize ahead of time, because I won’t be able to mention every artist I met. I will however, post some photos of the guest list. I recommend that you look them up and support them if you can.

I was really impressed with the quality of cos-players (dressing up as a character from a book, video game or movie) at the convention. There is a whole sub-culture that revolves around this. One of the people that really stood out at the convention was a cos-player by the name of Margarita Marie Guzman. She was super friendly and took the time to explain to me what a professional cos-player does. Cos-play was something I always thought was cool when done right, but never understood how rich the culture was. So I was grateful when she explained the culture to me. You can check her cos-play out at I don’t normally do this kind of shout out, but if you are into cosplay at all you need to check out her site. I met a lot of other cos-players and each one who allowed me to photograph them was very gracious.

One of the biggest standouts to me at the convention was Jeffrey Weissman. He is an American actor who has an extensive catalog of acting roles. He is listed as George McFLy in Back to the Future 2 & 3 and Teddy Conway in Pale Rider. He has done a lot more. Check out this link to the interview. It wasn’t just his body of work that was impressive, but how kind he was to everyone. When I approached him to introduce myself and request an interview, it felt like I was meeting an old friend I hadn’t seen for a while. His wife was also extremely kind. To see his body of work, here is a link to his IMDB and here is a link to his site.

The last person I meet was Stephen Costantino. He played a Gamorrean guard in Return of the Jedi. He told me he was the one who was eaten by a Rancor. I can honestly say he was the only person that I met who was eaten by a Rancor. I found out that he plays blues music, too. And he plays it very well. Being a musician myself, it was very cool to be able to talk shop with a Gamorrean Guard. He also had a lot of really great stories about meeting Billy Dee Williams and Mark Hamill. I am such a huge Star Wars nerd that hearing him talk about these stories was a real treat. Here is his IMDB link so you can see what else he has done.  You should check out his music as well. It’s very passionate blues.

My only real disappointment was not meeting Gil Gerard. This was not his fault; it just didn’t work out. He did smile at me though, so there is that. All in all, my wife and I had a great time. Everyone was super friendly and kind. There were a lot of really cool toys to look at; the kind of stuff that I remember from childhood. I met new friends and saw some incredible art. If you get a chance to go to one of these local conventions, I recommend you do so. Check out for more dates and conventions. In the meantime check out the pictures below.











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