The story of a boy and his pet Giraffe – The Adventure Pals

Sometimes there are games that slip through your radar, no matter how good they tap_screenshot_4are. The predecessor to The Adventure Pals, Super Adventure Pals is a flash game that I just recently started playing. I also started to play the demo for The Adventure Pals. After my short time with both the demo and the flash game, I can honestly tell you I can’t wait until the full game releases. Unfortunately for me, I have to wait until early 2017. This game has great animation, lovable characters and funny dialogue. It is everything a good platformer should be. I am so incredibly happy that The Adventure Pals got the green light on Steam.
We need more games like this.

I recently played and reviewed a game called Wuppo and mentioned how happy I felt playing it. I get the same joy playing this game. There is a certain feel to a really good platformer. You don’t have to think about the timing when you jump. You just jump. For me there is also the sounds of the coins, rubies or whatever it is you are collecting. This game nails that as well. When I fell to my death, it wasn’t caused by poor game mechanics, but poor judgement on my part. When I nailed the jumps it felt great. I didn’t mind trying again if I missed, because I was having so much fun. This is become one of the games I am truly looking forward to in 2017.

The fact that over 2 million people played the original makes me think I am not the only one looking forward to this game. You can check out the original flash game hereHere is the demo for the new game. Check out these videos to see how great this game looks and then play the demo.

IRVINE – August 12th, 2016 – The Adventure Pals, a platforming RPG adventure on Kickstarter from celebrated indie studio Massive Monster, has released a playable demo for PC and Mac ( The Adventure Pals has already been successfully Greenlit on Steam and plans to release in early 2017 for PC, Mac, Linux, and XBOX One. It is being published by Armor Games.

“We think Kickstarter campaigns are an amazing opportunity for small developers like us to communicate directly with you and those who may be interested in the game. We really want to hear what you think and have you help craft the game and be a part of its story. We really hope you’ll consider backing the project,” said Massive Monster.

A follow-up to the wildly successful Flash browser game Super Adventure Pals, which has been played nearly two million times since its release in 2012 on Armor Games alone, The Adventure Pals follows the efforts of a boy and his trusty giraffe steed and pet rock as they attempt to rescue his father. The game blends challenging platforming action, exploration, and big boss battles with a vibrant cartoon design and surreal, tongue-in-cheek humor that will appeal to kids and adults alike. Featuring over ten hours of gameplay, optional two-player local co-op, and five sprawling areas, it draws inspiration from Adventure Time, Banjo-Kazooie, and Castle Crashers.

About Massive Monster: Massive Monster is a veteran indie game studio with over fifty games of combined experience between its three man team. Massive Monster has worked with large clients like Adult Swim and Disney XD, and is also developing the upcoming indie game Never Give Up.

About Armor Games: Originally launched over a decade ago as a wildly popular portal for free online Flash games, in recent years, Armor Games has begun branching out as a publishing studio with an eye on working directly with talented indie developers.

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