Shady Brook Launches on PC, iOS, and Android

For those of you have been gaming as long as I have you probably remember a little game called Zork. For those who don’t know, Zork was a text based game, where you solved puzzles by typing in what you wanted the character to do, that’s it there were no graphics just text. This might sound lame to some of you, but I had so much fun with this game. The puzzles were clever and sometime the responses you got from the A.I were hilarious. Text adventure games are a bit different now, there is some beautiful artwork accompanying the text puzzles/choices. The greatest thing about Zork and games like Zork was that you really had to use your imagination, it was like reading a good book except you controlled what happened to the characters in the book. Another way to see it is like a choose your own adventure, which I believe they still sell today. Either way, there is a link to a free demo I this article, give it a shot, you might be surprised how much fun these games can be.

pc_screenshot_1pc_screenshot_12pc_screenshot_12Delve into a dark mystery set in a small town with Shady Brook, a brand new text adventure inspired by Twin Peaks and developed by Unimatrix Productions.

In Shady Brook, author Jake Torrent moves to the small, peaceful country town of Shady Brook.  At first, everything seems idyllic.  But after a resident commits suicide, Jake starts to suspect foul play.  Could this town take part in a conspiracy to cover up a murder?  As Jake investigates, he gets more than he bargained for:  a town secret so terrifying that there is no turning back…

Playable Demo:

Shady Brook is a remake of the 2005 point-and-click adventure game which was critically praised for its mature storyline and quirky characters.  It was the recipient of Adventure Archive’s prestigious “Best Independent Game 2005” Award.

Shady Brook puts a unique spin on classic interactive fiction.  You make a series of choices that determine what happens next in the story. However, unlike traditional choose-your-path games, gamebooks, and visual novels, Shady Brook includes advanced adventure-based mechanics, such as a compass for navigation, a full-fledged inventory system, character interaction with branching dialog, and a variety of complex puzzles to solve.

Game Features:
·         EXPLORE a small country town and INTERACT with nearly two dozen characters
·         CHOOSE your path-your actions alter the course of the story
·         PICK UP, COMBINE, and USE a multitude of inventory items
·         SOLVE a variety of challenging and unique puzzles
·         DISCOVER the town’s terrifying secrets in a truly dark and mature storyline
·         ENJOY over 250 pieces of original artwork and an hour-long soundtrack
·         UNLOCK 33 achievements to view a special post-game bonus scene
·         EXPERIENCE 8+ hours of content-the equivalent length of a novel!

Shady Brook tells a mature, dark story that is seldom seen in modern gaming.  It is now available completely uncensored on the PC and partially censored on iOS and Android.

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