New action RPG Once Heroes a lot like Summoners War

I am a huge Summoners war fan, I have spent countless hours leveling and summoning. Why do I mention SW in a Once Heroes article? Once Heroes is incredibly close to  SW, in fact the portal that you summon the monsters/heroes from look exactly the same. I have spent about an hour with this game and so far it is pretty fun. If your looking for another game that is like SW, this is a good alternative. Besides its free. Not sure if its as bad as SW when it comes to micro transactions. You don’t have to buy anything to succeed, but its everywhere. IF this game peaks your interest, here is some more information.

Once Heroes delivers 100% satisfaction with 4.5 stars average review rating on both the iOS app store and Android google play

Los Angeles- July 29, 2016 YJM Games, a South Korean mobile game development, publishing and investment company, announced that their latest mobile game release Once Heroes has been rated by the Android and iOS communities with a 4.5 stars average. App store and google play users have been taking Once Heroes’ review pages by storm, communicating their excitement for the game’s gameplay and graphics quality as well as its level of addiction. Developed by Dancing Anchovy Entertainment, Once Heroes, is a free to play fantasy turn-based action RPG and was released last week. The game focuses on offering a new thrilling form of role playing game, with a mix of both new and traditional RPG mechanics.

Once Heroes fans have been positively vocal since the launch and samples of review quotes can be found below:

“Finally something better than summoner war. Easy to stars up not eating money like sw”

“I was ready to 1 star this game until I played it. This game is summoners war on steroids! I love it!”

“Addicted. A lot like summoners war, but new and fresh. Graphics are good and the game is easy to learn. I am really enjoying it.”

“Superbly done! Your game is intriguing but not too convoluted and not required to be a pay to play game. Great work!”

In Once Heroes, players are able to summon powerful characters to create a unique team of heroes, enabling them to take on challenges and quests in over 200 stages, as they battle monsters, dreadful creatures and epic bosses. Play with lots of heroes to collect loot, and unlock their true power to realize their full potential by leveling up while receiving new equipment. Players can also expand their base of operations by collecting gold and ruby.

Game Features:
1.     Unique Heroes
·       Unique heroes for you to collect, train, and assemble the greatest team of all time
·       5 different attributes including Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Darkness
·       Numerous number of skills are designed specifically just for each hero

2.     Exquisite Training System
·       Awakening System: awaken the hidden power of the heroes, make them unique and stronger
·       Skill Up System: train the hero’s skill, strengthen up ability power for each hero
·       Evolution System: by evolution system, your heroes’ stats and class will be upgraded
·       Equipment System: various equipment and set items can be equipped on the heroes, improving their fighting ability.

3.     Varieties of Contents
·       The total of 200 dungeons in 3 difficulty levels are ready to be explored
·       Diverse types of dungeons: Daily dungeon, Secret Dungeon, Demon Dungeon, Event Dungeon and the Cave of Trials
·       Arena Battle: players can test their strength and fight against other players

4.     Town & Guardian
·       The Guardians: call upon the Guardians of your choice to turn the battle around
·       An evolved Guardian may increase its unique power or gain a new ability. Evolve them to turn the tide of the battle.
·       Kingdom of Easter: upgrade the full 3D town and prepare for battles

Face incredible challenges, in a game system that will test your skills, knowledge and strategic thinking. At the same time, immerse yourself in an epic plot and explore a huge sprawling and ever expanding world, filled with interesting and charming characters in the single player campaign, or take it to the arena, for multiplayer battles. Set up a team to defend your base and take a stand in the arena to acquire even more rewards.
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