Voltron Legendary Defenders episode 8-9

Episode 8 Rebirth

Episode 8 starts off with Voltron fighting the new Robeast, this was in is much tougher then the last one and the gang have to disband. So they need to try to take this beast out without hurting the Balmera. Unfortunatley this new Robeast has a ridiculous amount of lasers. We learn that the Balmera is dying, due to its Crystals being removed by the Galmara. It needs time to regenerate, due to the Glamara’s greed it doesn’t have the time it needs. Princess Allura doesn’t want to give up on the Balmerans even though they are giving up. Princess Allura performs a ceremony using the castle that could cost her, her life. Meanwhile the lions keep battling the Robeast and then finally form Voltron. A really cool battle ensues and princess Allura faints after giving everything she has to save the Balmera. The way they ultimately stop the Robeast is a bit of a twist, so I wont mention it.

Final score – 9/10

Family friendly score – 9/10

Maybe a bit scary for the real young ones, otherwise nothing bad to report.

Episopde 9 Crystal Venom

As we start Episode 9 the paladins attempt to store Sendaks memories in a crystal, which will allow them to get info on Zarkon and his forces. Hunk is attacked by food goo and Pidge jumps into help him. Lance gets stuck in a pod as the ship seems to be malfunctioning. Keith is also attacked by the training robot. All this is happening and we are left wondering if the ship is actually trying to kill the paladins. Allura has a dream of being with her father in a field, in this dream he offers to take her home. Sendak tries to convince shiro to join Zarkon through what looks to be mind control. Turns out the Crystal is corrupting everything. Allura has to make an incredible sacrifice to save everyone from the ship, leading to one of the saddest episodes yet. Have I mentioned how impressed I am with he writing? This episode did not have Voltron at all in it, but once again the characters and writing carried it.

Final score – 9/10

Family Friendly score – 10/10


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