Voltron Legendary Defender episode 6-7

Episode 6 – Taking Flight

I always try to be spoiler free, however here on out I cannot guarantee there will be no spoilers. There is no way to keep reviewing this series without talking about a big plot point, so if you don’t want any spoilers at all stop reading…now.

So Pidge lets out the big secret, he is a she. Yup Pidge is a girl, the rest of the paladins were not surprised, except Lance. Also the castle is a ship. Lance falls for an alien girl and winds up getting captured. The Paladins come across two rebels running from the Galrans. The Voltron team learns that there new found friends were actually bounty hunters, who wanted to capture one of the lions to hand over to Zarkon for reward and full pardon. An exciting chase ensues with the rest of the lions giving chase and finally capturing the bounty hunters. This was another great episode with fantastic acting and spot on humor. My only complaint is that there is still no Voltron. No epic battle against a giant Robeast. However the ending did lead me to think next episode, Voltron will be back.

Overall review 9/10

Family friendly review – 10/10

Noting to see here. Kids and Adults are safe to watch.

Episode 7 – Return to the Balmera

The Voltron crew head off to Balmera in order to rescue the Balmera race. They are told they need to hold back on their firepower in order to not harm the planet, due to it being a living breathing creature. They need to take out the weapons systems without hitting the planet. Oddly enough there are no Galran forces to be found when they land. Turns out the Galran forces are underground and waiting to sabotage the paladins. The Paladins wind up trapped in the Balmera and they neeed to escape the trap without firing a shot. The Paladins wind up escaping, just in time to stop the Galrans from stealing there Lions.  FInally the paladins form Voltron again to take out the Galran battleship. The episode ends with something crashing to the planet, that looks to be a Robeast.

So I stand corrected, no huge battle with a Robeast, still a great episode. Says a lot about a series named after a Giant Robot, when the Robot barely shows up and your still having a great time. I’m sure next episode there will be a great battle, in the meantime loving this series.

Overall rating – 9/10

Family Friendly rating – 10/10

See any other episode, no problem with recommending this episode or thus far this series, to any age.


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