Paragon First Impressions

At this point in time, I have been playing Paragon for a little while. This is not the definitive review or even impression, it’s simply my time with the game so far. Next week, I will do a follow up until finally I do a Final Impression review.

So far so good. Let’s get one thing out of the way: this is not a League of Legends killer. There are a lot more characters and the gameplay feels different in LOL. Paragon has a very up close, third-person action sort of feel. You still have minions and they are still fodder for you and the other team. The game seems slower paced then League, but still goes at a good pace. When you start off at home base you have three different paths you can choose to go down: left, right and middle. Each of them leads you to the enemy’s home base. You try to take down various spawn points and eventually their base. At this point there are only about 14 characters, but there will be more characters released every week. I will give you an updated character count in my Next Impressions article for Paragon.

One of the biggest differences between Paragon and LOL or DOTA is the behind the back perspective. It really gives the combat an action game feel. Even though there area only 14 different characters they have a very different feel. There is of course the brute, the agile archer, the dual wielding gun toting person. My personal favorite is Muriel. She looks like a cybernetic angel. When she moves fast she actually glides (or fly’s close to the ground). There is also a card based system where you can assign different cards to the controllers d-pad. For example, there is a health card and a mana card. If you wind up hurting, you can escape and heal up or get mana back. It’s a fun system that is easy to use, and has saved me on more then one occasion. I highly recommend checking this game out.

There is a lot more to it and I will be diving more into it in the coming days. Look for an Updated Impressions article. In the meantime I will leave you with a couple of gameplay videos, this is me. I never said I was great at it, but hey, I’m learning.

Also, did I mention this month it’s free to try for PS Plus subscribers?

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