Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 4-5

Episode 4 – Fall of the Castle of Lions

This episode starts off with the Arusians, not my favorite part of this series. They remind me of a cross between an Ewok and Jar Jar Binks. They are not quiet as annoying as Jar Jar, but I wouldn’t miss them if they were not there. Princess Alura finds out a secret about one of the pilots and tries to draw it out of them, to no avail. A couple of the lion pilots get home sick and want to leave. Voltron wasn’t seen in this episode, but there was still plenty of action. There is a great fight scene between Shiro and Commander Sendak that shows how tough Shiro really is. The writing continues to be really well done. My only complaint is the Arusians are starting to get on my nerves. Otherwise, it’s another great episode.

Final Score – 8/10

Family Friendly Score – 10/10

I’m not expecting the Family Friendly score to go much lower then this; it is technically a kids show. Don’t let that stop you though. The writing is good enough that, whatever your age, you should be able to enjoy it.

Episode 5 – Tears of the Balmera

We meet a new alien race called the Balmorans, who help out Hunk and Coran. They are slaves to Emperor Zarkon, and don’t understand that they can be free. There are more flashbacks to help fill in Pidge’s story. One of the things I really like about this reboot is how deep they have made Pidge’s story. In the original, Pidge was not quiet as deep. He was more comedy relief, in some ways. Pidge battles Axis in a pretty cool fight scene. Hunk is forced to make a hard choice and the Voltron force gets better at working as a team. Again, no actual Voltron, but the cast is so strong I still had a great time. Here’s to hoping Voltron shows up in the next episode.

Final Score 9/10

Family Friendly Score 10/10


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