System Shock remake

Trust me on this, you want System shock to be funded. The original game was made in 1994 and was way ahead of its time. Sytem shock is an FPS/RPG action horror game. This is the game that influenced such modern classics as Dues Ex and Bioshock. It story with a cool twist at the end. The graphics were fantastic for its time.  This is a full fledged reboot being done by NightDive studios. What has me excited about this particular reboot, is that its being handled by many of the individuals that created the original game. So you know that this Is being handled by those who really care about the source material. Famed concept artist Robb Waters is one of the team members. He done concept art for such games as Bioshock, Bioshock infinite,Freedom Force, Thief, terra nova and of course the original system shock. There are also AAA developers who worked on Tomb Raider, Falloput, and Skyrim. So to say I am really looking forward to this is an understatement. Incase you are on the fence on wether you want to support this game, here is a trailer to help you decide, also a link right here if you choose to support it.

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