Pharaonic, the Combat RPG set in Ancient Egypt

Pharaonic is a side-scroller that plays like Dark Souls, and is set in Egypt. Sign me up, because apparently I like pain. For those who have never played a Dark Souls game, they are known for their punishing difficulty. I am really looking forward to playing this. There hasn’t been a whole lot of exposure or hype for this game, so it could be a sleeper hit.  Much like Dark Souls, you can equip heavy equipment to take and deal out more punishment, or light equipment to be faster, more agile and strike quicker. You won’t be alone. Along the way you will get help from The Daughters of Ishtar as well as oppressed countrymen. You can level up and learn new skills and divine powers. You can also get new equipment to help you not die. The game will be out on PS4 June 28th.

Check out the trailer below to see it in action:

Mediaman on Youtube

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