Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 2-3

Episode 2

In episode 1 they spent most of the time trying to find the lions and then accidently forming Voltron. In episode 2 they need to work together so they can figure out how they formed Voltron in the first place. I found myself enjoying the banter between the pilots as at first they really didn’t get along, which is absolutely essential to Voltron working correctly. It was interesting seeing the different personalities really coming out. The way they finally came together was hilarious. It was for the most part a very light hearted episode, especially when they were actually trying to figure out how to form Voltron. I continue to be impressed by the writing and humor in this show. I have watched many anime/cartoons that try to force laughs, by some goofy character over reacting to something. With Voltron so far the humor seems very natural, especially when Hunk enters the scene. The first time Hunk tried to get into his lion in episode 2 was priceless.

Final Review 8/10

Family Friendly Review 10/10

Not much to see here, really nothing I can point out that could be seen as offensive, or overly violent.

Episode 3

With episode 2 they finally figured out how to confidently change into Voltron. In episode 3 we see right away the first glimpse of the first creature created by Haggar a psychic Witch who works for Zarkon(the main villain). We also meet a new race of aliens called the Arusians. They reminded me a bit of the Ewoks from the Star Wars films. There were some sort of funny parts with them, otherwise they were just there. They didn’t annoy me, but I didn’t care for them either. There was some drama with Pidge trying to figure out what happened to his brother. About halfway through the Voltron teams first real challenge showed up. It was a really cool creature design, the creature really looked tough and dangerous. So the team had to really learn to fight as a team. I love how epic this battle felt, as at first the monster was beating them. Really looking forward to seeing what other creature designs they come up with. I don’t want to give any serious plot points away, but let me just say that there was a bit of a plot twist, which was very unexpected. Brilliant episode, a little cheesy but even that works.

Final Review 10/10

Family Friendly Review 9/10

The creature could scare real small children, there was a bit more violence, but no blood. This continues to be a very clean, fun, just all around well done show.

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