Mobile Horror ‘Dark Fear’ Released On PC

This game actually looks really interesting. Always up for a classic style indie game. WIll download and post review soon.


June 22nd, 2015 – West Yorkshire, UK – Arif Games release the PC port of their mobile horror RPG/Adventure ‘Dark Fear’ via Steam

You wake up in pitch blackness. You have no idea who you are, where you are or how you got here – it’s up to you to figure it out!

Step into an eerie world unlike any other, filled with hostile animals and supernatural entities who want nothing more than to destroy you. Surviving is not going to be easy!

Explore a diverse landscape filled with forests, mountains, lakes and deserts. Make valuable allies in the local village, grab a weapon, get some protective armor, go hunting/fishing and fight your way to the truth by solving puzzles and helping people with their problems.

For horror game fans seeking out that ultimate fix, ‘Dark Fear’ delivers an immersive, frightening experience wrapped in a cinematic soundtrack and a dark, twisted storyline written by an ex-film industry professional. The game can only described as blend between RPG and adventure with a 2D graphical style similar to the classic PC games from the 1980s (think Myst meets Kings Quest). Its simplistic approach allows even the most casual gamers to gently unfold and enjoy its many complex layers of game mechanics.

Game features:

  • A combination of both adventure and RPG game mechanics
  • Classic 1980’s style visuals (inspired by Sierra Online AGI games)
  • A cinematic soundtrack composed by film industry professionals
  • A deep and engaging storyline
  • PC version comes with higher clarity, improved audio quality

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