Voltron Legendary Defender episode 1 The Rise of Voltron

I heard rumor a while back that there was a  Voltron remake in the works. I loved this show growing up! Yes, the voice-over work wasn’t great, but the story was good and there’s just something cool about a giant robot taking out giant monsters, especially when you are a young kid. This was really the first “anime” I had seen and it helped me to fall in love with the genre.

So when I saw that it was on Netflix, I was a little excited and a little nervous. Please don’t mess up my childhood! Then I noticed it was done by DreamWorks. who make some phenomenal animated movies/series. It was also a Netflix original and so far, Netflix has not let me down.

So I sat down and watched it, and was thrilled with the results! The episode follows our five heroes (same characters as the 1984 series) as they hunt down five robotic lions that transform and connect to each other to form Voltron, a massive, yet very agile robot. The voice work thus far is great. All the voices are done by professional actors/voice actors and it shows. It did seem that every now and then the accents aren’t very consistent. Otherwise the cast was fantastic. I found myself laughing and smiling a lot. Especially at Hunk, I found him genuinely funny. Each voice actor played their part very well. The rest of the audio was very good as well.

If you are interested in checking out the actors follow this link:

The animation was also really good. The robotic lions looked great and when they formed Voltron it looked fantastic! The character animation was spot on, as well. It looked like a really high quality anime. The lip sync was flawless. I loved the expressions on the characters’ faces. They were very expressive, but not overly exaggerated. Everything about the production was high quality. Overall I was impressed with what DreamWorks ahs done with the Voltron franchise, cant wait to see episode 2.

Final Review – 9/10

Family Friendly Review – 9/10

This is a very family friendly series. Nothing to report. Just fun csat and great action. There was some talk about a civilization being wiped out, and ships blowing up that did have peope on them. Otherwise fully recommended for anyone.

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