Cuphead – He has a cup for a head, and I cant wait

I can honestly say that I never thought one of the games that I am looking forward to the most, is a game where the hero has a cup for a head. I have been following this game for a while now and I have to say it looks amazing. In this game you fight a series of bosses to repay a debt to the devil. The graphics look like an old Max Fleisher/Disney 1930’s cartoon. The gameplay is run and gun platforming much like Megaman. You have infinite lives and keep weapons between deaths. Did I mention how excited I am for this game?


This is the very first game by Canadian brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer also known as studio MDHR. As gamers we need to support games like this and creative studios such as MDHR. Hopefully I will be reviewing this as soon as can get my hands on it.


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