Dead Star

There was a game on Dreamcast that it seemed few people knew about. It was released in October 1999, with little fanfare. Yet, it was one of my favorite games on the system, which is saying a lot. The game was called Armada.  Simply, Armada. It was a top down shooter RPG hybrid, and it was glorious. The graphics were gorgeous; the gameplay was addicting; the whole package was fantastic. You could play with up to 4 other players and you controlled a little ship, collected parts, blew up other ships and upgraded your own. So, why spend time talking about Armada when I am reviewing Dead Star? Well, because Dead Star feels like Armada’s spiritual successor in all the right ways.

Graphics 8/10

This is a great looking game. Everything is top down, but the universe just feels huge. There are no complex shadows or textures and no amazing rain effects.  It’s just a really clean good looking game.

Story 8/10

Not much here really. Capture bases. Stop the bad guys. I can’t dock it too much because, honestly, a complex story in a game like this would just seem out of place. You are basically war criminals and other outlaws that are fighting for scraps on a giant solar system, before the system goes supernova. If you are really interested in the story, there are hidden text snippets in the options as well as hints in the tutorial.

Audio 8/10

Much like the graphics, it’s pretty simple but really well done. The ships sound great when they blow up.  The voice work is good. It does the job. This sort of game doesn’t really require all the bells and whistles of a AAA title, but you can tell the developers cared.

Gameplay 8/10

This is a MOBA mixed with a twin stick shooter and it controls really well. There was never a point where I felt that the ship was out of control or had an issue with targeting, even when my ship was constantly moving.

Family Friendly rating 10/10

I found absolutely nothing in this game that I could dock points for. Its just fun and clean.

Overall 8/10

I had a really good time with this indie title. I can see myself going back to this when I get the shooter itch or I just want to waste some time blowing up tiny ships. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Mediaman

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