Doom Review

Doom(M) – PC – 13-20 hrs (depends on difficulty)

Doom really holds a special place in my gaming life. The first Doom was the first time I spent hours shooting my buddies in a game. In college, my friends and I used to sit around in the same room and take each other out for hours on end. Not good for my GPA, but a whole lot of fun. I spent way too much time memorizing the maps in both single player and multiplayer. The premise was simple, you are a space marine and you killed demons with various really cool weapons, then you moved on. This is not the game you played if you were looking for a deep narrative. If that’s important to you, well, move along. Doom has always been about the gameplay and the guns. The original Doom was released 23 years ago. Many sequals later and we now have, well another DOOM. This is not a bad thing, in fact if you are a DOOM fan, its all good.

So what makes this game so good? Simple, its fun. Some games are simply meant to be fun. Sometimes you just want to unwind after a long day and blow stuff up. That’s what DOOM does..oh so well. It allows you to become a tough-as-nails take-no-prisoners soldier. Taking out Demons. This is what DOOM has always excelled at. This version is the closest to bringing back the feel of the original, with a lot of improvements.

Graphics 9/10

This is a gorgeous game. Many of the environments are what I would call dirty, or grimy, but that is exactly how it should be. In all honesty, I did not spend a whole lot of time staring at the environments. That would bring a quick and brutal death. The gun models look great, as do your hands. The look of the marine actually reminds me more of Master Chief then the original DOOM guy, but it works.  Every once in a while, there is a brief moment when something sinister wasn’t trying to kill you. In those moments I’d look out over the grand vistas that seemed to go on forever. Just a great visual package over all. The only complaint I have, and this is being very nit picky, is the environments wound up looking the same. Otherwise it’s fantastic. The way the demons explode is a blast (pun intended). The gore is, dare I say, beautiful.

Audio 8/10

There isn’t a whole lot of voice work in this game, but here doesn’t need to be. The guns sound great; my favorite being the shotgun. It just sounds like it can blow hole in your enemies, which it often did. When you found various data logs, the voice acting was good as was any other time there was voice work needed. Again, there isn’t a whole lot, but what is there is good. The demons sound appropriately ferocious. There are a few jump scare moments, due to the audio placement. I also really like the sound track.  Ss an admitted metal head, the music really help me feel empowered to destroy demon-kind.

Story 7/10

Not a whole lot to talk about here because there was so little.  Its hard to talk about it without spoilers. I can’t imagine remembering too much years later, but it was effective enough for a DOOM game. Again this is all about the atmosphere and pure fun of blowing away creatures of the underworld. There are some cool surprises for longtime DOOM fans. Story isn’t DOOM’s strong point.

Gameplay 9/10

This is where the game really shines. I can see this being my go-to game when I am trying to blow off some steam. The control is tight, so you can really just focus on the fun of taking out the baddies. Like many shooters there are many explosive canisters that just happen to be lying around. When done well, it adds, not takes away, from the fun. I would wait for several demons to hover around one of the canisters, and with one well placed shot wipe out several at once. This is nothing new, but it’s done really well here. Part of what kept me playing was the variety of enemies that show up. The minute I thought I had the demons pattern down, a new one would show up. Then you get different demons at the same time going after you. Some are fast, others bulky but hard to take down, while still others are somewhere in between.

Over all – 8/10

A good looking fun shooter. I could lose many hours on this game. It’s not going to change gaming as we know it. There is nothing new or original here. Its simply a fun, tight, good-looking shooter. There is nothing wrong with that in my book. Especially when it’s this good at what it does.

Family Friendly Rating – 3/10’re a hero so that’s good. Otherwise this is a super gory shooter. There is not a whole lot else, some language. Mostly it’s just really gory. There are bodies lying around gutted, and the demons you shoot explode in a shower of blood and guts. This is not for the squeamish or for those who easily get nightmares. There are also a lot of demonic symbols on walls and floors and everywhere. You are fighting against the demons, but it’s still there. Because of the intensity and gore I cannot recommend this for young ones. It is pure gore with you fighting pure evil and not a whole lot else.

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