Devil May Cry HD collection

Devil May Cry HD collection (M) – for PS3/XB360 – 8/10

Family friendly rating – 5/10 – he is a good guy fighting against demons. Its very violent and dark.
Devil May Cry- 9/10 – The first and still the best. Fantastic visuals, great gameplay and fun voice work. This is definatley worth your time if you like quick action games. Dante still is in my opinion one of the coolest characters in gaming.
Devil May Cry 2- 5/10 – Crap, targeting system is terrible, monsters are not as cool. It felt like a big mess to me. In a game were you have to have quick reflexes for beating enemies and some of the puzzles, the crappy camera mixed with the faulty targeting system makes for one frustrating experience.
Devil May Cry 3 8/10  – Brilliant, back to what made the first one great. Dante is back with a vengeance. Fighting his brother Virgil, then later playing as him was an absolute blast. Love Dantes cocky attitude because he can back it up.

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