Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Bluray

I remember my parents taking me to the first star wars as a kid. I was excited and curious to what this new universe would hold.  When I let the theatre I wanted to be luke. I remember hours of turning sticks into lightsabers. A sword made of energy, that not only looked cool but sounded cool. Surely I am not the only one to have made that lightsaber swish sound with my mouth. The characters the universe, it was all so incredible. There was this wide eyed amazement to it all.

So here we are 39 years later and I still feel the same wide eyed wonder that I did as a kid. As of writing this review I just realized that I have been a Star Wars fan for 39 years, oh man..I’m old. It just amazes me that Star Wars is just as relevant today as it was 39 years ago.

This is the Blu-ray review, so I have seen the movie 5 times, just wanted to put it out there. I also am somewhat biased, for I like all star wars, even episode 1-3. So if your not a huge fan, knock off a point.

The Movie

First lets talk about the movie itself. I loved it..every minute of it. First let me get the white elephant out of the room, yes its very similar to a new hope. I have heard that over and over again. Even J.J abrams admitted as much. Its the start of a new trilogy,it was very much on purpose. With that out of the way, Why do I love it so much? First the Universe, this felt like a Star Wars movie, I know..duh. What I mean is, when I watched episode 1, it seemed to be missing the magic that the first 3 had(IV,V,VI). When I watched VII I immediatly felt..well..home. It made sense, like I never left this amazing universe. The second reason is the characters, love how the old and new came together. Great casting choices, everyone played their part so well. Love the character of Rey, Daisy Ridley was perfectly cast as was Kilo Ren, Finn and Poe. There were so many great characters. Of course seeing the old characters again was fantastic. I truly believe acting wise this is the best cast they have had. If you don’t believe me go back and watch the originals, especially Luke’s early whiny performance. When Han Solo said “Chewie were home.” I truly agreed. It was great to be home again. I could write a book about why I love this movie/franchise so much. Just for a minute lets talk about how the movie looked. Amazing, I saw it in regular 3d,2d, and Imax and it looked best in Imax of course. The effects were great.I love how even though its been 39 years and obviously the effects are going to look better, they did a real good job making it look like the same universe. So the question is how does it look on the small screen?

Blu-Ray transfer

Video 10/10

Let me just say it was a very smooth looking transfer. The visuals really held up. I watched it on my home hd T.V as well as my tablet and it looked great. The effects didn’t lose any of their wow factor. Don’t have a whole lot more to say,besides well done.

Audio 10/10

Everything sounded great, listened to it with a 7.1 dolby surround. Voice acting was great and came through really well. Sound effects were clear. Everything from the highs to the lows sounded amazing.

Extras 7/10

It depends on which version you get, this is the Amazon version, but they are essentially the same except for a few extras here and there. The extras were great and fun, they just felt short. There was quite a few of them. They just never felt complete to me. I am sure they will come out with a complete directors cut edition, which will have a lot more extras. For now though an ok package, especially for the price.



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