RE:Zero episode 3 Starting Life from Zero in another World

So far this is my favorite episode, Subaru has become a lot more confident and brave. He is a very able fighter and handles himself pretty well against magic. In this episode we find out Satella’s real name is Emilia, so from now on in the review’s that is what I shall call her. We get to see more of Emilias powers as we see her fight more in this episode. Elsa is of course back, as again Subaru relives the same circumstances. This time however we get to see Reinhard fight. Lets just say he is one of the highlights of this episode. His appearance in this episode doesn’t dissapoint. It is really interesting to see the characters build relationship with each other even thought they relive the same events over and over. This episode did leave me with more questions then answers, which is expected. I really feel myself rooting for Subaru as he tries to save everyone from what seems like an inevitable outcome, one that only he understands.
Final Review 9/10
Family friendly review 7/10
More blood then last episode, and some language. There were some creepy parts, otherwise a lot of good characters sticking up for and saving others. Still in order for you to understand this one, you need to watch the prior episodes otherwise not much will make sense. So if episode 1 doesn’t bother you tis one wont at all.

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