RE Zero Episode 1 The End of the beginning and the beginning of the end

RE:Zero Episode 1- The End of the beginning and the beginning of the end – review
reviewed by Mediaman
Going into watching this anime I knew absolutley nothing about this show. It was recommended to me by a friend and I was looking for something fresh and new to review, so why not?
I should mention Episode 1 was split into 2 parts, I will review it as one, but it is twice as long as any other episode. So far  I really like what I have seen. The story starts off with an ordinary high school student named Natsuki Saburu, walking home from the convenience store, he never makes it home. Saburu winds up being transported somehow to another world that is completely different then his own modern world. He wakes up in a fantasy world, complete with lizard men, barbarians and other fantastical creatures, this is also a world of magic. Before I go on with this review, like all my reviews I am going to try to avoid spoilers as much as possible, however if you dont want to know anything about what happens in the show you should stop reading now…
Ok..moving on. Through a series of events Subaru meets a mysterious silver haired half elf who is really good with magic, she also has a super cute familiar sidekick named puck, who winds up being more then meets the eye. Puck can only work 9-5, then has to disappear for the night. When the Subaru finally gets around to introducing himself, The silver haired half elf tells him her name is satella. The story is engrossing, with out giving too much away, it has a very groundhog day meets fantasy vibe. You really start to care about these characters, so when something bad happens you feel for them and root for them. There is Old man Rom who is a giant barbarian, Felt a thief who stole a very important Insignia from Satella and Elsa who is also after the insignia, but for more nefarious reasons.
So far this is a brilliant series that I cant wait to continue, The end of episode 1 really left me hanging and wanting more. Reiew for episode 2 will be up soon.
Final review – 9/10
Family friendly review – 6/10
Very funny in the beggining, but it gets dark halfway through. There is quite a bit of blood and some language. Satella is extremely kind to Subaru and there is a great comraderie between her Subaru and Puck. At this point there is no nudity, or serious gore. If you are a parent and are thinking about letting your kid watch this, I would recommend watching it first.

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