Ratchet And Clank

Ratchet And Clank – PS4 – about 10-15 hours
I can honestly say I have never played a game based off a movie based off a game. I have played many games based off movies, most of the time not such a good thing. I have also watched a few movies based off games or game franchises, these usually didn’t fare so well either. Technically this is a remake of the excellent first Ratchet and Clank on the PS2. I remember being blown away by the huge worlds, great weapons and fun platforming. so here we are 14 years later and I am playing essentially the same game as I did back in 2002. So how is it? Just as fun and fantastic as I remember it.
For those who have never played a Ratchet and Clank game before, let me sum it up. You play as Ratchet a feline type character known as a lombax, you have a sidekick named Clank who is a small in stature sentient robot. Ratchet can wield all these super creative weapons and gadgets. You even had a gun that shot out flaming ducks. It was a great mixture of action and platforming. You carried Clank around on your back. I will talk more on that when I discuss the gameplay. There were a dozen games released in the last 14 years not including the PS4 reimagining. So what is diferent about this version as compared to the original? Let me break it down for you.
Graphics 10/10
The most obvious difference is the graphics. Back when Insomniac games released the first game they said there goal was to have pixar like graphic quality. They may have finally hit that goal with this reimagining. The character animation and facial expressions have always been spot on. You felt like you were watching a really good cartoon. The animation was supurb. With this game however they have taken to it to a whole new level. I found myself just watching the idle animation. Insomniac games are absolute masters at bringing there charecters to life through fantastic animation. This gave me the same mindblowing feeling that the original did. There was a lot of love and care put into every aspect of the graphics. From the incredible vistas, to the shine on Clanks body. It was just a beautifull game. The weapons effects were ridiculous, and the enviromental effects were gorgeous. All in all just a beautifull game, to top it all off the game ran smooth without a hitch.
Audio 9/10
The voice acting was of the highest quality. Like all the games I review I listened to this game in 7.1 surround sound and it sounded great. Of course the surround sound was not as pronunced and obvious as a game like the last of Us remastered, call of duty or other more tense games. What it did however it did extremely well. The voice acting was excellent. Everyone from Qwark(who is hilarious) to Drek and of course Ratchet and his little buddy Clank. A good soundtrack can also elevate a game. Imagine playing Zelda or Mario with out those tunes we have come to know and love. My 10 year old son has been walking around the house lately humming the mario theme. I cant tell you how many times I have heard a game sound track and went home and popped in the game. Ratchet and Clank really nails this aspect. I can still hear the soundtrack as I type this review.
Story 8/10
There is nothing mindblowing here, but it is a fun story. The dialogue really helped as well as the pacing. I liked the themes of betrayel and redemption. The freindship between our heroes is quiet endearing. I liked how they used captain Qark as the narrator. All the characters were likeable which helped you care what happens in the story. There were times when not a whole lot was happening and I had to push myself to move ahead, of course this was also very rewarding, with great cutscenes as a reward for patience.
Gameplay 8/10
There was nothing technically wrong with the gameplay, it just got repetitive after a while. The platforming was great, they mixed it up quiet well with some crazy rail sliding. The guns were fun and satisfying to use. The upgrade system was cool as well. If you have never played a Ratchet and Clank game before raise the Gameplay score by 1. I have been playing the series since the original. So even though they changed some elements there is still that been there done that feeling. Then again this is a reimaging and not a “new” game in the series.
Overall – 8/10
Really good remake. I found myself laughing a lot and just having a good time blowing stuff up. I definatley recommend it for parents who are looking for a high quality game that thier young ones can play. I also recommend it for anyone craving a really good platformer/fun shooter. There really is not another platformer that does both shooting and platforming this well.
Family Friendly Rating 10/10
The bad guys explode into bolts, there is no language. There is no blood or gore, and no nudity or adult content. Its a very pixar like experience. No problem reccomending this for kids or adults.

Reviewed by Mediaman

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